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Our Purpose

Services provided by Garda Benevolent Trust Fund

Garda Benevolent Trust Fund

Company Structure

The Garda Benevolent Trust Fund was incorporated under the Companies Acts 1963 to 1990 on May 26th 1994. 
On the date of incorporation, there was a transfer of engagements from the previous Garda Siochana Benevolent Society. 

On the death of a member € 3,000.00
On the death of a spouse € 3,000.00
On the death of a widow  € 3,000.00
On the death of a child (under 18yrs and under 23yrs if in full time education € 3,000.00


Annual Orphans Allowance        € 3,000.00

(Under 18 years and under 23 if in full time education)

Grants by way of relief from Financial Hardship

The Company’s income derives from:

  • Subscriptions from Members.
  • Donations from members of the public.
  • Various functions run throughout the country by members on behalf of the Trust Fund. 
  • Court Orders.


The Company is controlled by a Committee of Management. The Committee comprises of members of the four Garda staff associations and the Garda Siochana Retired Members’ Association. Membership is comprised of subscribing members of the Force and retired members who pay a Life Membership fee on retiring. At present, the subscription for serving members is € 2.00 per week and Life Membership is a once off payment of € 400.00. Last year the Company paid out by way of grants, allowances and other payments in excess of € 826,441.  

As much of this is given in confidence, the good work of the Company has to remain silent.  The help and assistance of the many members who notify us about deaths of members, former members, spouses, widows, widowers and children is much appreciated.  We would also like to be informed of cases where it is considered for one reason or another, assistance might be required.

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